Metko Hüttenes-Albertus: 30 Successful Years

Metko Hüttenes-Albertus celebrated the 30th anniversary with its team and foundry representatives on 15 September 2019. The guests had a wonderful evening - with a marvelous view of the Bosphorus.

Metko Hüttenes-Albertus looks back on 30 successful years in the foundry business. The well-known veteran of the Turkish casting industry Doğan Boran founded the company in 1989 by the name of Metko Kimya Sanayi.

In 1994 Doğan Boran found in Hüttenes-Albertus GmbH a strong partner for the manifold opportunities of the Turkish market - combining HA's long years of experience and research in advanced foundry chemistry and his knowledge of the Turkish market. By the name Metko Hüttenes-Albertus the company introduced new technologies to the Turkish foundry industry and is today the most acknowledged supplier for foundry solutions in this region. 

The event

Metko Hüttenes-Albertus celebrated its 30th anniversary on 15 September with representatives from the HA Group, members of the Turkish foundry industry and its stakeholders on board of the Primetime Entertainment Cruise.
The company founder Doğan Boran and the team he worked with for many years were honored by today's Managing Director Musa Erol:  “Our reason for coming together on the 30th Anniversary Event is the foundation of the company 30 years ago. Therefore, we convey our thanks to our founder Doğan Boran for causing us to come together tonight in this group."  He highlighted the fact that many of the current employees have been working for the company longer than 10 years - four team members even since the foundation of the company!

Nilhan Tatdıran, Doğan Boran, Gülay Denizalp, Ellez Taşkan and Osman Ceyhan - with the company since its foundation 30 years ago

Even more accumulated experience

A short speech at the medal and gift ceremony was also given in the name of the HA Group by President Franz Friedrich Butz. He thanked the Metko HA team warmly for the organisation and said: “If Doğan Boran had not founded this company, this good night of today would not have happened. I thank him. Doğan Boran and his team started this successful company and, I'm convinced, this success will continue.”

The founder

It was a very special evening for Doğan Boran and he thanked everybody from the heart: “Perhaps, at a time when I did not dare to believe much, you all believed in me and brought this society together. Of course a lot has changed over these 30 years, or if we go further back to 40 years: the conditions, positions and status of all of us have changed. We collaborated with our German partners 25 years ago. This cooperation has given significant impact to both our company and our foundry industry. I believed that from the beginning. Meanwhile, I am happy to see this in practice. I believe that there will be even more secure and more profitable years to come for all of us. Thanks to the Turkish foundry community, our German partners, our friends and of course to our employees. And a big thank you to Mr. Musa Erol and Ms. Nilhan Tatdıran for organising this wonderful night.”

Future is now

With a team of 72 dedicated employees, the Istanbul head office and the two domestic production sites in Bilecik and Eskişehir Metko Hüttenes-Albertus is ready for the next 30 years.