Hüttenes-Albertus is the leading international manufacturer of chemical products for the foundry industry. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art foundry chemical products for use in all established coremaking and mouldmaking processes.

We closely cooperate with the foundries and consistently adjust our products to ensure their technical and practical suitability. Not only does this process involve the further development of established products, but it also takes us in completely new directions.

Tradition creates future.

The history of Hüttenes-Albertus reaches back for more than 100 years. Since then, the group has grown worldwide and is currently represented in more than 30 countries on all continents.

1905 Foundation of Albertuswerke GmbH in Hanover/Germany 


1909 Foundation of Gebr. Hüttenes in Düsseldorf/Germany 

Albertuswerke GmbH and Gebr. Hüttenes KG always considered meeting the growing demands of the foundry market to be their primary task in business. The merger in 1970 was the logical consequence of this policy: Two specialists of foundry chemistry uniting their expertise and experience, „not with the aim of selling the products we currently have in our catalogue, but to develop and produce the products that help the foundries solve their problems."

1970 Formation of Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH

Metko Hüttenes-Albertus  

The collaboration of Metko Kimya Sanayi, İstanbul and Hüttenes-Albertus, Düsseldorf in 1994 resulted in the most important Turkish company; Metko Hüttenes-Albertus Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. specialised in foundry auxiliaries. Since this event, foundry chemistry in Turkey has seen rapid development. Above all, synthetic resin-based binders have fundementally revolutionized classic moulding processes and formed them into a precise technology.

Metko Hüttenes-Albertus offers a comprehensive range of products that satisfy the individual requirements of the customers.

We do not operate a mass production plant but manufacture products in individual, accurately controlled batches; a precise operation.

All progress requires forethought. That is why we deal intensively with the questions that occupy our customers. In this way, we use Hüttenes-Albertus’ Know-How and processes in the foundry industry as in all other areas in which we do business.

The final product quality is what counts:

  • Thin wall castings
  • Dimensionally accurate castings
  • Weight-reduced components
  • Improved casting surfaces

There are only a few of the issues we address with new foundry technology.

Efficient production is an ever more important part of this process, since international competition is becoming more and more severe. Today, thanks to enormous efforts in the development of modern technology, moulds and cores for complex castings are produced in large numbers automatically and economically using our high-quality binders and ready–to–use mould coatings. We never cease in our efforts to increase the productivity of foundries and reduce their reject rate by strictly obeying Hüttenes-Albertus’ Know-How.

Particularly in chemistry, nothing is impossible if the objectives are properly defined and your partner is Hüttenes-Albertus. 

Today: The global HA Group

Today Hüttenes-Albertus is represented in more than 30 countries on all continents, and nearly 2,000 dedicated employees are ready to offer our customers throughout the world advice and assistance.

Systematic expansion complements the existing business and strengthens the leading position of Hüttenes-Albertus in the global foundry markets.

HA Group: Ideas create future.