Traditional Fluxes

The traditional range of HA UK’s fluxes are designed to carry out a wide range of specialised metal treatments, including oxide removal, dross separation, hydrogen gas control and improvement of metal structures via the addition or removal of trace elements. In some cases ECOFLUX products can be used as an alternative depending on the type of metal treatment required.

HMC 37

General purpose cleaning and degassing injection flux, generating dry exothermic dross. Designed for use at relatively low temperatures up to 720ºC.


Cleaning and degassing flux with the added benefit of sodium modification of Al/Si alloys containing up to 12% silicon.


Low temperature drossing flux suitable for use at temperatures of 670ºC and above for application with aluminium and its alloys apart from Al/Mg alloys with more than 2% Mg. Producing very dry powdery dross. The product can be used in large melting units such as reverberatory or rotary furnaces and small units such as crucibles.


Commercially sodium free and calcium free cleansing and drossing flux for use with Al/Mg alloys and other alloys where sodium contamination must be avoided, e.g. phosphorus refined alloys. Traditional flux but with the benefit of a non-hazardous classification for supply! COVER 302 produces dry dross that absorbs aluminium and magnesium oxides and enables a clean separation of metal from dross.


Drossing flux for application with aluminium and its alloys. Similar to COVERLUX 0021 but highly exothermic.

HMC 15 / VERALUX 041

HMC 15 is a yellow, powdered flux used for the sodium modification of aluminium alloys, and is designed for use in the temperature range 720ºC-780ºC. It improves the mechanical properties of aluminium -silicon alloys and assists in the removal of oxides and other non-metallic impurities, forming dry and easily removable dross.


Gas producing flux for the controlled introduction of hydrogen gas into diecastings. Non hazardous classification suply! DIECASTING FLUX 17 is a brown coloured flux and available in powder form. It gives a controlled introduction of gas into molten aluminium in order to eliminate cracking and shrinkage defects, and also to improve the surface finish of diecasting. It should not be used for sand castings or other castings where the cooling rate is slow. It does not have a sticky deposit in ladles and crucibles, which sometimes occurs with alternative products.


Specialist flux for the removal of excess magnesium from aluminium alloys. DEMAGGER B is a magnesium removing flux suitable for use with aluminium alloys where the magnesium content is over specification. We recommend using this product as manual flux.

EXF 335

A versatile, fluoride free, low melting point refining and cleansing flux, which gradually thickens as oxides and other impurities are absorbed. It is an effective remover of trace elements such as Ca, Na, Li, and Sr. EXF 335 may also be used as a wash-down flux to remove oxide buil-up from furnace linings and crucibles.