HA UK's fluxes for use on zinc alloys are designed to provide some protection against zinc volatilization, whilst also providing a good drossing action at zinc alloy treatment temperatures. Fluxes for magnesium alloys provide a highly protective fluid cover on the melt service to prevent burning. They also contain self-sinking compounds to encourage settling of impurities to the bottom of the melt.


A grey, high grade, low fume, drossing off flux for use with zinc alloys. COVER ZLT gives a clean, efficient separation of the oxide and dirt from the melt at temperatures in the range 410-460ºC.

The use of COVER ZLT minimizes zinc and magnesium losses. It can also be used as a drossing flux for tin alloys. This product is hygroscopic so it is essential that after use all opened containers must be resealed as soon as possible.

HMC 24

A powdered flux for use with magnesium-aluminium alloys. It is not recommended for use with magnesium-zirconium allys. HMC 24 is a cleansing and protecting flux which contains self-sinking additives to assist removal of impurities. HMC 24 provides a liquid cover, which absorbs oxides and protects molten magnesium from oxidation. This product is hygroscopic si it is essential that after use all opened containers must be sealed as soon as possible.


A green, powdered dusting flux used for treating magnesium alloys. It is intended for use as a dusting powder to inhibit burning of molten magnesium alloys. NILFLAME is suitable for use on all magnesium alloys. It should be dusted liberally over the exposed magnesium alloy at the pouring spot and also onto the metal stream during pouring. The NILFLAME powder removes oxygen in the vicinity of the molten alloy and also provides a thin protective film as a barrier to oxidation. It is recommended that the flux layer or crust formed on the molten alloy is left intact where possible since this will afford some protection against burning of the metal prior to pouring.


Inhibiting sand additive to prevent burning of magnesium based alloys. The inhibiting material contains a blue dye to provide visual confirmation that it is present in the mould prior to pouring. Typical addition rates are 2% by weight of sand but will vary slightly according to the casting thickness with increasing addition rates required for thick sections. We recomend that our customers produce a ''step mould'' casting and cast the magnesium alloy into the mould to ensure adequate additions are being in relation to the casting being produced.