The LINOFEED range of products are designed to produce high calorific values, high levels of insulation or combinations of both properties in order to promote the feeding of a wide range of alloy types and casting sizes.


Thermite type carbon free material specifically developed for use with manganese steels to prevent piping. LINOFEED 430 is a black speckled powder containing visible coarse metallic particles. It is an anti-piping compound, specially formulated for use with manganase steels but is also applicable to other ferrous alloys. As a thermite type material it generates very high temperatures in a molten slag and forms a metal bead. It may be added to the surface of alloy steel rolls immediately after casting to provide an intense heat before the addition of LINOFEED 470 which forms a highly insulating cover. 


A grey non-carbonaceous, insulating, exfoliating compound suitable for use with a wide variety of steel rolls, ingot steels and alloy steels with large diameter risers and feader heads. LINOFEED 450 is a very efficient semi-crusting hot topping compound an due to its very low bulk density (approximately 0.7 g/cc) very economical to use. It exfoliates 50% of its volume, has high exothermic values and the heat retention properties are excellent. There is practically no fume evolved when exotherming takes place.


Fast firing hot topping compound for use with spheroidal graphite iron, small to medium diameter steel risers, brasses and bronzes. LINOFEED 460 is a brown coloured exothermic material of medium bulk density, generating intense heat and producing a highly insulating, self-supporting crust. LINOFEED 460 will assist the efficient feeding of a wide range of alloys, including cast iron and alloy steel casting risers, and can also be used with brasses and bonzes. Very satisfactory results can be obtained using LINOFEED 460 in conjunction with exothermic and insulating sleeves.


A low bulk density, low fume, carbon free insulating compound. Forms a sel-supporting crust that possesses excellent insulating properties. LINOFEED 470 is a light grey powder containing white granules and can be used on a wide variety of steel and iron risers with diameters between 70 and 500 mm.